"Free Yourself"

A collaborative, naturally inspired trailside art installation as part of "Art in the Wild 2016" at Wildwood Park, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  On display April 4, 2016 - October 31, 2016.

"Free Yourself" by Eve Gurbacki and Adrianne Zimmerman

"Free Yourself" by Eve Gurbacki and Adrianne Zimmerman

"Our Unforgettable Journey with Art in the Wild"

Eve and Annie met drawing portraits in major amusement parks.  Over the years they have bonded over their love of art and nature. 

Eve worked in amusement parks for 16 years, drawing pastel portraits and hiring and training artists.  After becoming the company record holder in sales, she began to look for new challenges.  Already having obtained a BFA in Art (Painting) and a NYS teacher certification in art, she obtained a PA teacher certification in art and has been pursuing art-teaching assignments in public schools and art studios.

Annie currently works as a real estate agent and has a BFA in Art (Photography).  While educated in the classic arts, she chose photography as her intended major after experiencing the magic of the darkroom for the first time.  An avid animal lover, she finds peace and inspiration in the natural world.  In her artwork, she explores human kind’s opposing relationship between the natural and the simulated, and the effect technology and consumption have on our world.

Walking around Wildwood Lake, we were inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful movement of the birds in flight. 

“Free Yourself” is an art installation capturing this “freeing” movement.  Art in the Wild was an unforgettable journey of discovery and trial and error.  Through this process we explored the challenges of creating cyanotypes on wood, finding the materials we needed, and discovered how to properly install our pieces to meet our aesthetic vision.  We met interesting people and discovered the true beauty of collaboration. 

All of our hard work and dedication was rewarded through the realization of our vision and the positive, appreciative response from the public and the Art in the Wild committee. 

We were also thrilled with our third place cash award!